sept twenty 4 2021
this is a cute little scribble journal ive made to house all my dreamspace thoughts! all photo art text etc is (c)
currently jamming 2:

feelings as actions

eating marked down watermelon slices in a parking lot at 9pm.

rain jackets that change from green to dinosaurs.

speeding through a closed street at dawn.

foot rolling in line for donuts.

using four fingers as a comb to flip hair.

rubbing lips together and meeting eyes with a stranger.

dropping a bottle of iced tea in line for groceries.

holding so many things you use your leg to brace them.

tripping over tree roots and sliding down a hill.

a hug after someone has cried for a long time.

stopping to check out the flowers but the sun is in your eyes.

listening to two voices surrounded by a thousand people.

laughing to yourself in a crowded area.

chugging coffee in an empty parking lot with crisp spring air in the middle of February clear skies.

singing in the car watching cute feet tap and feeling the wet spring air.

watching the computer screen feeling dry and heavy lights lots of typing and yawning.

meeting eyes and smiling at a hip girl with cute jean jacket fashion.


Running through my thoughts
Twinkling into night scape
Beautiful days soon

Leaves tangled in hair
Fresh, green, sparkles everywhere
I can almost reach the sky

Cinnamon sprinkles
The slower the heat rises
The faster I drink

Soft heart you need to come down to earth
listen to the sound you make
there are so many of them but only one of you

Reality isn't what you say it is
ego waving in the wind
Sentences making less sense
I have more power than you ever thought possible
and you won't see any of it again

things i tell myself when i am hopeless:

x someone will always love you if they dont it isnt real or meant to be

x people hurt you because you are a reflection of what is hurting them

x there is always a new beginning around the corner especially when you think this is it

x the right people will accept you love you and try to help you

x the right people will never try to push you from happiness if they do they do not have your best interest in mind

x you can do whatever you decide in the moment nothing is ever lost you can always start new any day

x you have been through more than you thought you could handle

x you can handle a lot more still

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